Educational Institutions

We have put our signature under the invention in order to teach you the most practical way to teach our students the knowledge of fabric construction, fabric design and fabric production stages.

Fabric and Yarn Manufacturers

In order to minimize your consumption of yarn and time in your studies, we have signed a new invention.

Here you have the option of catching your customer’s yarn colors and effects with alternative, easy, non-consuming and instant intervention.

Technical Textiles and Special Designs

We produce machines that are specially designed for the project and weaving machines that are used in high-tech 3D, carbon, glass fiber, defense industry and similar fields and weaving special products such as gold, silver, leather and silk.

Garm B55

Semi Automatic Weaving Machine

The frame control is provided by the computer software and the corresponding pistons. You can program the dobby plan on the touch screen on the machine with the special software developed within our own structure. You can also transfer the designs made in Office Excel program via USB. There is a touch screen computer on the counter. A maximum of 55 cm width can be made.

  • 24 Frame
  • 3000 weft
  • 55cm weaving width
  • Touch screen
  • Easy to use interface
  • Ability to make fast pattern switch
  • Two warp roll
  • Flexible Bridge (for sensitive yarns)
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Garm 55


Manual Sample Loom

Our fully mechanical model has 24 frames and works with plastic dobby palettes. Pins are made by attaching pins to the planetary plan is created and the pedal to the other palette each time the press is woven. In addition, the buttons on the right side of the machine can be controlled manually.

  • 24 Frame
  • 55cm weaving width
  • 2 pcs warp roll
  • The dimensions of the machine are easy to carry without dismantling.
  • Key system allows you to correct mistakes made in dobby plan with keys
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Gah 40

Portable Wooden Loom

Our portable wood looms are available in 2 models with 8 and 16 frames. The amateur is designed for hobby purposes and for the start-up of our students. Together with the warp, it can be carried by folding without damaging the warp. Thanks to the special material used, it is not affected from moisture and its strength is very high.

  • 2 models with 8 and 16 frames
  • Durable Wood
  • Folding portable
  • Plenty of accessories
  • Ergonomic design
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