Garm 55 Manual Sample Weaving Machine

Length: 150 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height: 105 cm
Weight: 150 kg
Frame: 24 Pieces
Woven Width: 55 cm

To Educational and Training Schools in Textile
In order to teach the structural characteristics, desing and production phases of woven fabrics in the most practical way,
we have invented and introduced our first product the punch-card dobby loom which is named as GARM 55.
To Fabric and Yarn Producers in Textile
We have invented the GARM 55 to reduce the time and yarn consumptions to a minimum level in your works. Do you
wonder of your yarns produced for weaving in order to see their influences on fabric handle, pattern, real image and
impression for your customers ? The loom GARM 55 makes all these are possible and easy with the least time and
material consuming in order to capture your customer’s yarn colours and effects with simple interventions.

Dobby Plate System

You can prepare the weaving palette by your pattern and attach it to the machine easily.

24 Frames

Thanks to the number of frames, the instructor’s teaching of even the highest levels of dobby fabrics.

For Designers

The designer creates the fabric quickly and easily by making the fabric weave and the structure of the fabric provides one-to-one customers.

For Educational Institutions

It is used in fabric construction knowledge courses and original fabric design courses in our educational institutions.

For Company

Sample production in automatic weaving machines in enterprises is high in terms of cost and time. Our machine minimizes these elements to the minimum level

Ergonomic Design

The dimensions of the machine make it easy to move from one place to another without dismantling.

Sample Fabrics

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