GAH 40 Portable Wooden Loom

An extra dimension in woven fabric desing! Dear students, we have designed our new product for you. It will be with you wherever you are.

It can be folded and moved when there is work on the machine. We have 2 models with 8 and 16 frames. It is suitable for entry-level and hobby users.

Lenght : 90 cm
Width : 70 cm
Height : Open 70 – Close 18 cm
Weight : 5 kg
Number of Heald Shafts :  8 or 16 Pcs.
Weaving Width : 40 cm


Together with the warp, it can be carried by folding without damaging the warp.

Quality Wood

The special material used is not affected by moisture and its strength is also very high.

8 or 16 Framed

Since it has 8 frames, it has the ability to make all the main woven knits.

Double Roll

Optionally, 2. Warp beam can also be added to the counter.

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